Garena produces a new edition every few months, the most recent being the OB31 version. After a few months of anticipation, fans are finally preparing to lớn release the OB32 update. On December 1, 2021, the newest OB31 update for không tính tiền Fire (FF) was published. With this update, many new features were added lớn the game, including a new character named Nairi, a new pet named Yeti, và much more. The OB32 Update for the free Fire, also known as the January 2023 update, will be released on January 19, 2023.

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As previously stated, the Free Fire Advance vps OB32 nâng cấp is the ideal opportunity for gamers to chạy thử out new beta features of the game before they are released internationally. The new Advance hệ thống OB32 patch will be ready in January 2023. Garena’s developers rely on a small group of players khổng lồ help them thử nghiệm the game, report errors and provide suggestions on how lớn improve it. The Advance server is accessed using a separate program that can only be obtained from the official trang web of Garena không tính phí Fire. So, if you enjoy playing Garena không tính phí Fire, don’t pass up the opportunity to learn about the game’s following features. Recap

Free Fire Advance server OB32 Registration Prizes và Benefits of FF Advance vps OB32

Free Fire OB32 Update Overview

Free fire OB32 Advance server pre-registration date

You will be aware that our advance vps pre-registration begins three weeks before the release date and that after five days, we are allowed to play on the advance hệ thống using the advance server’s activation key. As a result, our OB32 Advance vps pre-registration date will be November 29, 2022, and registration will on January 8, 2023, and you will be able khổng lồ play Advance hệ thống for the following 8 days, ending on January 12, 2023.


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Free Fire OB32 Update release date

Because OB updates are released every two months in free Fire, the release date of OB32 will be January 19, 2022. Your advance server will also xuất hiện three weeks before the release date of OB32, and you will be able lớn play in it with the advanced server activated relatively easy at that time.

Furthermore, the Gold Royale season will kết thúc on the same day as the Clash Squad season. As a of the upgrade, users will be with a new Gold Royale. The day of OB32’s release will almost certainly include a maintenance break, which typically lasts from 9:30 a.m. (GMT +5.30) until 6:00 p.m. (GMT +5.30).

How to register for free Fire Advance hệ thống OB32 update

Now that you’ve learned everything there is khổng lồ know about the free Fire Advance Server và everything it has lớn offer. How can one sign up to use the new features? We’ve got your back. Khổng lồ get started, follow these steps:

Navigate to the free Fire Advance hệ thống webpage.To register, click the ‘Login Facebook’ or ‘Login Google’ button.Fill in your personal information, including your full name, thư điện tử address, & phone number.Join Now by clicking the Join Now button.When the server is operational, tải về the game android file from the website.Install the game android file on your mobile device & play the Garena miễn phí Fire kiểm tra version.

Free Fire Advance server OB32 Registration

Download không tính phí Fire Advance vps OB32 from the URL provided below. Players may sign up via Facebook & a thành viên of the FF team to receive significant benefits. Registration may be done at, the official không lấy phí Fire gateway. Here is how lớn get the game android + OBB File. Players may get không lấy phí Fire Advance for free, both with and without a VPN.

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Free Fire Advance server Rewards

The không lấy phí Fire Garena released the miễn phí fire advance hệ thống game, which offers several advantages lớn gamers. The gamers will have the chance to engage in Royal Rings for the không tính tiền Fire advance

Grand Prize: Based on Players’

3000 diamonds for the main (1 person).2000 diamonds were by the main (2 people).1000 Diamonds Main (3 People)

Other Prizes and Benefits of FF Advance vps OB32

There are several advantages to utilizing the không lấy phí fire advance server game. The FF Garena launched this program khổng lồ provide all Royle Battle gamers who are always enthusiastic to demo new modes or are YouTube since all streamers want to receive impending upgrades first. We’ll also reveal some special awards that you may get with FF Advance below:

Players may immediately tương tác the FF Garena Developer teams & provide their feedback.Players will learn about the latest updates và leaks for all planned OB32 Updates for free.Players can report technical flaws or issues in the game and receive incentives like Gun Skins, không tính phí gems, titles, outfits, and other items.Players may earn không tính phí diamonds by reporting a bug or problem.Players will also receive a không lấy phí Mythic, room, character, gun skins, and a slew of other Premium prizes.If the player a significant bug in the following OB32 Updates, they will be assigned to lớn a special squad.

Free Fire FAQ

Because không tính tiền Fire Advance hệ thống has limited access, you may not be able to demo new features at this time. You can, however, sign up for the next Advance hệ thống upgrade when Garena officially announces it.
Those who sign up for không tính phí Fire OP31 Advance hệ thống will not thua thảm their Garena miễn phí Fire The firm has unequivocally said that a user’s không tính tiền Fire tài khoản would be retained even if they can test utilizing the Advance hệ thống OB32.
You cannot access the không lấy phí Fire Advance server unless you have the activation As a result, you must register for the Advanced vps when the window opens on January 6, as only a limited number of Advance server tickets are available. Many gamers who sign up for không lấy phí Fire Advance server access may not get an activation
Having early access to lớn any feature allows gamers khổng lồ adjust to the new settings faster, giving them an advantage over other players when the part is officially released. You may also thử nghiệm out new tools và weaponry created behind the scenes lớn get a taste of what is lớn in the weeks. Advance server is your ticket to tremendous success on Garena miễn phí Fire và more prizes.
To access Advance Server, enter your activation There is only a limited quantity of available. Register now lớn get your