We’ve all heard the word collagen before. If you haven’t you wouldn’t be reading this right now. We all have probably thought of getting a Collagen Boost khổng lồ achieve a youthful look. But do we know what collagen really is and why our body needs it? Beauty Insider is happy khổng lồ fill you in with <…>

By: Farah Khan / August 2, 2021


We’ve all heard the word collagen before. If you haven’t you wouldn’t be reading this right now. We all have probably thought of getting a Collagen Boost to lớn achieve a youthful look. But vày we know what collagen really is & why our toàn thân needs it? Beauty Insider is happy lớn fill you in with the details on this popular ingredient that we see everywhere in the beauty industry plus a special newly released collagen supplement in Singapore from ReFa in collaboration with Fujifilm! 

Benefits of Collagen


To put it simply, collagen is an important protein in our body. It has multiple purposes for our health including binding the skin and strengthening our bones. This protein is well known for the benefits it gives to our complexion including its anti ageing abilities và hydration boost that gives us a glowy & radiant complexion. Besides these benefits, collagen can positively impact our hair và nails while promoting weight loss as well.

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There are so many benefits of collagen intake. So why not start now?



With high-purity, low-molecular collagen formula, ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY was developed in partnership with Fujifilm. It is a beauty supplement that is concentrated & comes with a delicious fruity flavour that you will surely love! Its gel texture was made for your convenience lớn have as a supplement anywhere & anytime. It is carefully formulated by a dedicated team of professionals khổng lồ ensure that your body toàn thân will fully absorb the superior benefits from this delicious jelly! 


Take a look at these 5 star reviews for ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY!

I love how easy it is to lớn eat & it’s not too sweet for my liking. I also like the texture of the jelly too! khổng lồ healthier & more beautiful skin!



Besides being a powerful ingredient in skincare và makeup, collagen drinks are quite popular too. ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH DRINK is enriched with a chất lượng formulation in partnership with Fujifilm Corporation khổng lồ deliver high purity and low molecular weight collagen in every sip. This superior collagen drink has just landed in Singapore, it’s your time to lớn get a taste! 

With maximum benefits in each bottle and 5,000mg of collagen in each 15mL of serving, this collagen drink sets itself apart from the rest. ReFa strives khổng lồ provide the finest products to Beauties around the world. The concentrated beauty supplement is formulated with cult favourite ingredients such as vitamin C & Vitamin B6. These ingredients allow rapid absorption by the toàn thân for optimum performance.

Free of caffeine, you’ll fall in love with the drink’s mixture of fruit flavour you can enjoy without any unpleasant odour and aftertaste.

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When I first tried the ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH DRINK, I was surprised at how good it tasted! The fruity flavour is enjoyable & it feels great khổng lồ drink something that is good for my body while satisfying my taste buds as well! After a week, I already saw major differences in my skin. I’m glad to find something so yummy that makes my skin glow too! I do see the youth return khổng lồ my skin after long, stressful weeks. As a lover of vi-ta-min C, I’m glad lớn see the changes such as lightened scars, glowing, & plump skin thanks to lớn the hydration boost in the drink. 

Well, the pictures speak for themselves!





Who is ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH Products Suitable for?


If you’re looking to enrich your daily collagen intake, this collagen drink is made for you! Whether you have an active or moderate lifestyle, you can boost your collagen with this drink & reap the benefits.


This sản phẩm is not suitable for children or pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you are on medication or treatment, make sure you consult your physician before consumption.

Where Can You Purchase ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH Products?


ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH DRINK retails for $135.00 a bottle which can last up lớn a month! ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY comes in sachet form which costs $75.00 for a box of 14 sachets that will last you as long as 2 weeks! 


The deals don’t stop there! For $127.50 (15% off regular price), you can enjoy ReFa COLLAGEN JELLY every month with ReFa’s monthly subscription offer. Don’t wait a second longer and purchase your very own collagen booster now available at ReFa’s Official Site, Shopee Singapore, & Lazada Singapore. Get your Collagen Boost now!