Annyeong! I am sure some of you go gaga when you see the latest Disney x The Face shop Cushion Collectionright. We got our hands on all the 3 new cushion formulas ~ BB power PerfectionMickey, CCLong Lasting Mike Monsters inc and CC Cooling Winnie The Pooh.Besides the irresistible cushion covers, each formula has its own benefits tomatch our skin và also needs. If you are a Disney fans I am sure you would notwant lớn miss this collection. Let’s check out more…
Disney x The Face shop BB Cushion Collection Review

When we first saw the Disney x The Face shop BB Cushion collectiononline, we can’t wait to lớn get hold of them and now they are all available atTHE FACE cửa hàng boutiques, counters và online store also.

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THEFACESHOP Mickey BB power Perfection Cushion, SPF50 PA+++

As you can see the Mickey BB nguồn Perfection Cushion, SPF50 PA+++is my favourite among all. There are many reasons khổng lồ it, this new formula BBCushion provides a perfect coverage from day khổng lồ night, it’s powered with sunprotection & also the packaging is major love.
If you are a user of THEFACESHOP nguồn Perfection BB Cream thenthis new The BB power Perfection Cushion has all the benefits of the BB Cream andit’s now so convenient that I can apply my BB anytime, anywhere on the go.
THEFACESHOP Mickey BB nguồn Perfection Cushion #V203 ~ airy texture with medium to lớn high coverage

I love the airy cảm biến texture that gives a silky smooth andcomfortable finishing. This BB cushion enhanced the skin complexion andprovides perfect coverage for flawless skin without being so thick or cakeythat last from day to lớn night. It helps to cover the skin imperfections. Plus theregenerating effects of BB help maintain skin elasticity và it also containsmoisturizing & regenerating ingredients.
The BB nguồn Perfection Cushion is perfect for the busy people onthe go, like me. We always wanted something that is convenient, covers our skinimperfections at the same time it doesn’t look too heavy or cakey. This BBcushion is suitable for all skin type.
THEFACESHOP Pooh CC Cooling Cushion, SPF42 PA+++

Pooh CC Cooling Cushion, SPF42 PA+++ is lượt thích ice cream in thesummer. It’s chất lượng because of the cooling sensation and gives the instant moisturerecharge lớn our skin that is dry from the heat. Well anything with coolingeffect is a great comfort during my trips lớn the hot climate countriesespecially beach holiday. I tried the THEFACESHOP Natural Sun Eco Ice Air PuffSun SPF50+ PA+++ và I don’t mind reapply my sun protection because it gives methe cooling effects.
The CC Cooling Cushion contains snow oil that gives the coolingeffects. Snow oil has a melting point of 30℃ so it remains an icy state atroom temperature & melts like snow the moment it touches skin while absorbinglightly lượt thích water for long lasting moisture.
THEFACESHOP Pooh CC Cooling Cushion #V203 ~ cooling sensation, lightweight texture, moisturizing and dewy finishing

The finishing is refreshing & cooling sensation with light-weighttexture, moisturizing, fresh watery scent và radiance from 4 types of flowers(damask rose, chamomile, cornflower, lotus) for naturally radiant skin. Pooh CCCooling Cushion, SPF42 PA+++ is for those who love the cooling sensation with CCtone-up in lightweight texture, a natural dewy coverage và instant moisturerecharge that is dry from the heat. This CC cushion is more suitable for dryand dehydrated skin users.

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THEFACESHOP Monsters CC Long Lasting Cushion, SPF50 PA+++

Here comes the Monsters CC Long Lasting Cushion, SPF50 PA+++, welove it for its lightweight texture & long lasting effects that deliversexcellent adherence effect without any clumping plus gives radiance & smooth porelessfinishing.
The high adherence and non-sticky formula prevents from clumping evenafter we reapply. Plus the ultra-adhesive film enables long lasting makeup thatdoes not come off with sweat or sebum.
Monsters CC Long Lasting Cushion, SPF50 PA+++ is for those whowant khổng lồ have smooth poreless and radiance finishing plus long lasting effect.This CC cushion is more suitable for combination khổng lồ oily skin users.
Disney x The Face siêu thị BB Cushion Collection ReviewBB power nguồn Perfection Mickey, BB Long Lasting Mike Monsters Inc and CC Cooling Winnie The Pooh

Overall all these three cushion has its own benefits và dependson your skin types and needs. However, if you are Disney fans you might notwant to collect them all as your personal collection because its limitededition while stock last.
Shades: All these three new formula Disney x The Face siêu thị Cushion Collectionis available in 3 foundation & BB shades: #V103 (Pure Beige) #V201 (ApricotBeige) #V203 (Natural Beige).
Availability: The Disney x The Face cửa hàng Cushion Collection is now availableat all THEFACESHOP boutique, counters & also online store

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