Eucerin has been avidly in promoting their Pro ACNE line using influencers all over Instagram.

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As someone who’s been facing acne issues from wearing a mask, I got tempted and eventually gave in lớn try how good it is. Eucerin actually created a step-by-step skin regime for their Pro ACNE line which you can mix and match the best suited products khổng lồ use based on your skin type. 

I love how clear Eucerin states down the steps on when khổng lồ use which product and for what purpose because not all skin concerns may suit the full regime.

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I bought the A.I. Matt Fluid and Clearing Treatment as it was promoted khổng lồ be suitable for normal acne-prone skin which is my current skin concern.

Eucerin’s Pro ACNE Solution A.I. Matte Fluid effectively counteracts pimples và blackheads and helps khổng lồ control demanding blemish và acne-prone skin in the long term. The mattifying fluid contains: