The complete danh sách of the most popular Instagram effects & filters, including top Instagram effects and filters for stories & reels!


The difference between a dull visual nội dung and an appealing one usually involves lighting & color.

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That’s why Instagram Stories filters are an amazingly easy way to lớn enhance your content within seconds.

Since Instagram created the AR filters in 2019, Instagram Stories have increasingly gained relevance among Instagram communities, brands, & influencers.

Long gone are those times where you had lớn take a picture, edit it in a separate app, and then share it for 24 hours on your Instagram Story. You can just vì chưng it all at once with Instagram Stories filters!


However, there are thousands of filters available in 2022 và this is not always an advantage. Choosing the right one can be hard!

Top Instagram Effects and Filters for your Instagram stories

We’ve created this danh sách of the most popular Instagram Stories filters to help you out and explain khổng lồ you how to get popular Instagram filters.

1. Stereoscopy


This filter is perfect for boomerang lovers that want to speed up their mainstream boomerangs và take them to the next level.

Get Stereoscopy

2. The little mermaid


Keeping up with the ‘I want lớn be a princess’ trend! This Snow white Instagram filter provides you with this princess’s eyes, headband, và charming smile.

Use Snow White

5. BW Vibe


This Instagram filter gives you a black & white look with a mysterious blurred vibe. địa chỉ some mystical music và you’ll rule Instagram stories!

Use BW Vibe

6. Big đô thị Life


Soft skin, white shiny teeth, and great lightning: this Instagram filter is basically everything we"ve been dreaming about!

Try Big city Life

7. Bubblegum


This Instagram filter provides you with a moving background of sparkling shapes and colors.

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It doesn’t change anything on your face, which can be a true advantage since you don’t always need to look lượt thích a perfect baby doll.

Use Bubblegum

8. Red Berries


This is the Instagram filter we all need when it comes to making indoor stories since it highlights the whites in your room and gives a sparkling vibe to make it look more appealing.

It also softens your skin và makes your nose look a little bit thinner.

Try Red Berries

9. Dễ thương Baby


If you want lớn look pretty và cool you should try out this Instagram filter that softens your skin, makes your nose look thinner, brightens your eyes, applies eyeliner, and places a đáng yêu little sky blue butterfly on đứng top of your nose!

Use xinh tươi Baby

10. Lil Anime Doll


As the name suggests, this is definitely not one of those filters that you almost can’t tell if someone is using them or not. However, it makes you look both funny & pretty!

Use Lil Anime Doll

11. Dreamy Summer


Tanned skin, bright light eyes, and a bunch of sparkling butterflies around your head is just what you need to look stunning. This filter does it for you!

Try Dreamy Summer

12. Print


This is honestly one of the most useful Instagram filters we’ve seen.

It lets you ‘print’ or ‘scan’ anything you want & then uses it as a filter to lớn create your story.

For instance, you could scan some line of your favorite book và then record your story with that phrase applied!

Try Print

13. Daisies


If you wish to lớn set your Instagram story up you should try Daisies, an Instagram filter that provides a great makeup & many đáng yêu flowers around your head (or just a single one if you tap the screen).

Get Daisies

14. Lens


Lens is also one of our favorite Instagram filters.

It keeps your footage small right in the middle of your screen và makes a large, upturned replica in black and white background.

Use Lens

15. Smile


If you are feeling full of joy you should try out this Instagram filter that adds a ‘positive vibes’ sign on đứng đầu of your head and cool smiley faces melting on your cheeks.

Even though it might sound childish, once you’ve tried you’ll see that it makes you look pretty cool.