Read my mini-review of the anti-aging serum with peptides, Midnight blue Youth Activating Drop, from the Korean skincare brand Dear Klairs. Why is it blue and what’s inside?

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Read my mini-review of the anti-aging serum with peptides, Midnight xanh Youth Activating Drop, from the Korean skincare brand Dear Klairs. Why is it blue và what’s inside?

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I already mentioned the brand Dear, Klairs in my review of their famous moisturizing essence Supple Preparation Facial Toner. It’s indeed a Korean skincare brand offering simple, minimalist, eco-friendly products, và with formulas that are generally rather natural.

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But they also know how to lớn create products with sophisticated ingredients, ones that are scientifically recognized as effective, and this is the case with their Midnight blue Youth Activating Drop serum, released in 2017.

With this pretty blue liquid serum, the brand targets mature skins, và all who are concerned about the aging of their skin. In Korea, itconcerns a lot of people as,on average, they usually start using anti-aging products after celebrating their 25th birthday!

The formula of this hàng hóa is very short (only 10 ingredients) and focuses on the essential. Here, it’s peptides, some anti-aging active ingredients known khổng lồ be very effective on the skin, even in small quantities.

Peptides are very small protein precursor molecules that act on the skin as a trigger (they are also known as a “signal” molecule) lớn generate a specific reaction. In the case of the peptides used in Klairs serum, they have an anti-aging effect, particularly on wrinkles, and they also stimulate cell renewal.

The first peptide in Klairs serum formula, sh-Oligopeptide-1 or “epidermal growth factor” (EGF) is an ingredient responsible for stimulating collagen production và also plays an important role in the skin healing process.

It was discovered by two scientists: the Italian biologist Rita Levi-Montalcini and the American biochemist Stanley Cohen, and this even earned them a medicine Nobel prize in 1986!

The second, sh-Polypeptide-1 or “Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor” (bFGF), stimulates the growth và proliferation of fibroblasts (= fibers present in the dermis, which are responsible for skin firmness, in short), collagen production & skin renewal.


So I used this sản phẩm for almost 6 months (I used roughly 2 bottles).

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With its super-liquid texture, I applied it quite early in my routine, lớn avoid my other products with a thicker and/or oilier texture from decreasing its penetration effects.

I really appreciated its soothing effect. It’s really something I could visibly see on my skin, especially when I applied it after my acid toner.

I also saw some improvement in the texture of my skin, but the change was so subtle that it is very difficult khổng lồ say that it’s because of this serum for a fact. I didn’t really notice a difference in my wrinkles, but well, it’s true that I’m lucky to lớn not have a lot of them.


Did the peptides it contains help prevent other wrinkles from appearing? It’s difficult to be sure, but it’s true that this kind of ingredient has a very, very long-term effect.

In short, I don’t think this serum alone can transform my skin in a spectacular way. On the other hand, I think it’s one of these products that are perfect as an allyfor the stronger treatments that I love, such as retinol and acids.

These other treatments are very effective but tend to irritate my skin and this hàng hóa allows me khổng lồ use them và enjoy their results without my skin falling apart, & that’s definitely a great thing to lớn have!


In conclusion:

It is difficult to be 100% sure about the anti-aging effect of this product, but its soothing action is greatly appreciated!

Now, I find that the value for quantity is not really the best on the market…

I am currently using another peptide serum, the Mizon Peptides 500 , và is also cheaper. It doesn’t have quite the same effects, so I’ll probably alternate the two in the future.

Klairs Midnight xanh Youth Activating Dropserum retails between $22 và $30 for 20 ml depending on the reseller.