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A Kingdom project that is stored as a Microsoft SQL database needs to lớn be attached to an SQL vps instance before it can be linked in Insight. Follow the steps below to tải về and install Microsoft SQL vps Express edition for không lấy phí from Microsoft"s website.

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Insight will automatically attach tự động hóa SSE projects to lớn SQL server when connecting. If you have a manual project, or your database is not auto-attaching, try Manually Attaching Kingdom SQL Database. To vày that, you will need to Download và Install Microsoft SQL hệ thống Management Studio Express.

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If you, or someone you cốt truyện the project with, plan to xuất hiện the project using Kingdom in the future, see SQL hệ thống versions và backwards compatibility.

Note: SQL hệ thống Express has backward compatibility issues. Kingdom over the past few years have updated their version of SQL vps Express. Once a Kingdom database has been opened in a more recent version of Kingdom the database is no longer compatible with older versions of SQL vps Express. This can be resolved by upgrading your SQL version to lớn SQL server Express 2014. If returning the original Kingdom project to lớn your customer, make a copy of the Kingdom project before connecting to lớn DUG-Insight. If you"re unsure please contact .

Guide to Kingdom & SQL versions:

Kingdom 2018 requires SQL hệ thống Express 2014Kingdom năm nhâm thìn requires SQL vps Express 2008 R2 or SQL hệ thống Express 2012Kingdom 2015 requires SQL server Express 2008 R2

From your desktop, mở cửa your preferred browser. Select the language from the drop-down box & click Download. A window will appear for you to choose the files you wish to lớn download.

Select SQLEXPR_x64 to tải về Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express for 64-bit operating systems. For 32-bit operating systems, download SQLEXPR_x86.Click Next (the button will not be clickable if you have not selected any file).You will be redirected khổng lồ a tải về page where the download should automatically start.


Right-click on the .exe tệp tin that you have downloaded from the website và select Run as administrator.Click Yes if the User account Control window appears.

Type or browse the directory location lớn extract the installation files.Click OK and the files will be copied to the selected folder.
In the Installation Center, click on New SQL hệ thống stand-alone installation khổng lồ only install SQL vps 2014.
Read and accept the License Agreement.Click Next (the button will not be clickable until you have accepted the terms & conditions).
Enable the Use Microsoft Update to check for updates option if you prefer automatic update checking. Click Next khổng lồ continue.
In the Instance Configuration window, Named instance: Type "DUGInsight" as the instance name. Instance ID and Server directory will be renamed accordingly.Click Next. The thiết lập will check that the disk has enough space to perform the installation.If there are no errors, cài đặt will automatically proceed khổng lồ Server Configuration.
Configure the SQL server tài khoản names and password (optional).At the last column, select Automatic as the Startup Type.Click Next.
In Database Engine Configuration, select Windows authentication mode và Specify the administrator(s) for the SQL server by clicking Add or Remove.Click Next.
When the installation is completed, click Close.Proceed lớn Configuring the Kingdom Link to begin linking items from your Kingdom project.


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