Do you almost like Narciso Rodriguez For Her, but find it too heavy, too fruity, or simply too intense? bởi vì you love fragrances that smell like fresh laundry or shampoo? bởi you love musk? If you’ve said yes to all, you might love Narciso Rodriguez For Her Pure Musc!


For Her Pure Musc is a simple fragrance, with a very short lưu ý pyramid and linear scent profile. The opening surprises with an intensely cold minty tone that made me think of Mugler Alien’s neon jasmine… but, here (much unlike in Alien), that bright cool effect almost immediately mellows. In but a couple of minutes, Pure Musc settles into a soapy-clean, whispery, fresh mix of softly vague florals, wrapped in a big trắng cloud of the title cảnh báo musk.

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Regarding the florals, my nose especially gets (unlisted) lily-of-the-valley – or, at least, a very lily-of-the-valley-like accord: cold and refreshing in a silvery-green, non-citrus way. It’s shampoo-y rather than realistic, but quite pretty, delicate & non-shrill. I lượt thích it much better than the kind-of-similar, but bolder lily-of-the-valley-fronted florals in Miu Miu Miu Miu.

The musk, on its turn, is definitely the star of the composition. It’s still recognizable as the line’s signature amber-musk base, but notably softer, non-fruity, more creamy và laundry-clean. This makes Pure Musc almost non-descript, but much easier khổng lồ wear, compared to the original For Her and its rosy Eau de Parfum version.

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As hours go by, the fragrance slowly grows less fresh and slightly more powdery – and I like it even more! Its sillage is soft, và lasting power, only moderate… but, if you’re looking for an easy-to-wear, neutral-clean scent, these are actually plus points.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Pure Musc is an Eau de Parfum, released in 2019 and composed by perfumer Sonia Constant.

Fragrance Impressions

When it comes khổng lồ NR fragrances, I admit, I’m more partial lớn the dry, powdery-cosmetic musk of the Narciso cube line. I get the charm of the long-bottled For Her fragrances, but they usually strike me as too much with their amber-y, apricot-tinged undertones.

So, for me, clean & mild For Her Pure Musc is a favourite in this particular line-up. I like the delicate, almost milky (not gourmand, but lotion-y) muguet & fluffy musk combo, as well as the soft volume of the fragrance as a whole. A bit non-descript? Maybe. But if one simply wants to smell like fresh laundry, soap và shampoo, For Her Pure Musc does so very pleasantly, without sharp undertones. I’ll give it 3 sparkling stars out of 5. Nice!