A friend of mine once told me about this Chinese Actress who uses face mask everyday lớn keep her skin looking beautiful. I’m sorry, I don’t know which actress it was, but it really got me thinking. I try to use facial masks once or twice a week but everyday??? I thought, who has the time! I started thinking about my schedule and how I can incorporate masks into my routine more often. Here in Japan, everyone takes a bath every day, it’s just a part of everyones daily routine và I thought that could be a perfect time lớn put on a mask, since I have long hair and it takes really long lớn dry. After I get out of the bath, I would put one on my face và leave it on for 10 -15 min, depending on the day. I found this schedule works quite well và I can definitely use sheet masks more often. In all honesty though, everyday just wasn’t possible. Sometimes I would be in a rush to get dinner started or whatever the reason may be & I would have to lớn skip it.


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Cosme in 2015! It’s a cosmetic ranking site in Japan, for those who don’t know. All In One Sheet Masks come in a 50 pack for around 1,900 yen which makes it perfect for using regularly! It comes in this ziplock style bag, with 50 sheet masks soaked in the liquid. Because it zips up, the masks don’t dry up at all and each time you pull one out it is completely soaked with product. They are made with 100% pure cotton and it’s oil free, alcohol free and doesn’t contain nasty chemicals.  The masks I would say are fairly thin, so if you leave them on too long they can dry out on your face. You wanna take the mask off before it dries up on your face.


The masks are soaked in this essence type liquid, lượt thích a thicker consistency toner. After you wash your face & dry it off, just put one on your face and leave in on for 10 khổng lồ 15 min. The eyes and mouth area have holes cut out so I like to use my fingers to lớn take some of the essence và put it around those areas so it doesn’t get dry. These sheet mask are called all in one and on the package it says you can just put this on và voila your finished with your skin care. I don’t feel comfortable just using the mask, so I always bởi my usual skin care routine after. I always add an oil khổng lồ my skin care routine as well, I’ve been doing this for years & this has helped keep my skin from getting dry. These masks are moisturising & they bởi the job but I wouldn’t say they’re the best. I’ve tried other masks that really hydrate your face until the morning! All in all though I think it’s a good mask to use on a daily basis or regularly and use a deeper mask for your pamper nights!



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