Bath & body Works makes so many mists, many of which are new, seasonal ones, and these popular fragrances are often confusing lớn try in the store, due to lớn the overwhelming nature of sniffing multiple perfumes at once. So, if you want khổng lồ know what they smell like and how long they last, here is my đánh giá of all the ones I’ve tried.

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Image Credit: Stuti Bhattacharya

Price: Rs 1,295 for 236 ml

Longevity: Around an hour if you spray a LOT

Notes: white florals like gardenia, magnolia, & jasmine paired with fruity notes like nectarines and pomelo, on a background of musk & amber 

This perfume starts out with a burst of that alcohol-freshness that all Bath & body Works mists have, và that actually helps dilute the intensity of the trắng florals in it. If you want an entry-level scent lớn introduce you khổng lồ the world of jasmines and tuberoses, this is it. It is a fresh và light take on florals. It’s great for layering over intense jasmine perfume oils, and gives a fruity, clean prettiness khổng lồ other trắng florals which may be too heavy. Typically, trắng floral scents tend to be really intense và difficult khổng lồ wear, so this is a great mist to lớn help reduce the heaviness of such perfumes.

One In A Million

Image Credit: Stuti Bhattacharya

Price: Rs 1,295 for 236 ml

Longevity: Around two hours, unless layered atop rose perfume oils, in which case, it’s more

Notes: Rose petals, green ivy, sandalwood

The best rose mist out of all the ones from this brand, this one is a garden-fresh, dewy perfume that lacks the dated sweetness of traditional rose scents. If you love the delicate, pretty smell of fresh-cut roses but hate how saccharine and heavy rose perfumes tend to lớn be, you should try this, because it has a quality aquatic freshness that makes it modern and wearable. As someone who has re-purchased this, I can safely say it’s worth a buy for rose-lovers.

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Those who lượt thích fresh scents—here is what you’ll like

Beautiful Day

Image Credit: Bath & toàn thân Works

Price: Rs 1,295 for 236 ml

Longevity: Poor, unless layered with another vanilla perfume oil

Notes: Sandalwood, musk, rice, and vanilla

By the time the whiff of alcohol in this has subsided, you won’t be able lớn smell the perfume, because it disappears. A mist with a lot of potential, this has been reformulated & watered-down many times, và is currently barely vanilla. You’d be better off buying an inexpensive vanilla perfume oil off Amazon, if you want a true vanilla scent, than spending over a thousand rupees on a bottle that intends to smell lượt thích warm vanilla but smells lượt thích sandalwood và musk with a hint of vanilla. 

Dark Kiss

Image Credit: Stuti Bhattacharya

Price: Rs 1,295 for 236 ml

Longevity: Average

Notes: Strawberry, black currant, patchouli

A perfume ideal for those who lượt thích sweet perfumes, this is for those days when you don’t want to lớn wear anything special or different, so you just use a perfume that smells generic. If you lượt thích unique perfumes, you won’t like this excessively sweet blend of patchouli with berries. All you get is a sugary strawberry with vanilla, which ends up smelling like every other perfume out there.

Cost-effectiveness and longevity are two concerns we should address 

When you spend a lot of money on a product, you expect a lot from it. If you’re spending over a thousand rupees on a mist, you expect it khổng lồ last long. This cannot usually happen with mists because by definition, mists are watered-down, and have low perfume lớn water/alcohol ratios. Hence, it’s better to save yourself the disappointment & buy them during sales.

Why? Because, despite being inexpensive in the U.S.A., these mists are expensive in India. This makes buying them during sales a much better idea, especially if you want to lớn get mists from the permanent collection. Not only that, but ordering with other people & grouping your purchase together helps save money, because they usually have offers lượt thích 2+1 or 3+1. 

What is good about these mists though, is that it takes forever khổng lồ finish a bottle. So, you get your money’s worth at the kết thúc of the day.

Lead Image Credits: Stuti Bhattacharya

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