My first proper sunscreen review of 2015! I imagine that there will be lots of cheers because so many of you have asked for recommendations and updates, but also a few groans, because some would rather see sunscreen-related posts when it’s closer to lớn summer. Here is something new & incredibly comfortable lớn wear, if you have normal-combination skin and like an “easy-on easy-off” formula: Biore’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel SF50+ PA++++ (click on the liên kết for ingredients and other product info).

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Something khổng lồ note, before I embark on my little review: sunscreen like this that is formulated for everyday wear should not be used for a day in the sun. It is not sufficient for protection due to lớn the formula & the UV filters used. I know that I’ve gone on about this loads, but I think it’s worth repeating because I have read countless complaints of people getting sunburned or tanned from using unsuitable sunscreens.


It’s not really the right time of year to lớn be testing out sunscreens, but winter has been unseasonably warm và cherry blossoms are already blooming (a month early)! I’ve been using the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel quite a lot over the past month. The liquid-y gel turns lớn a water-like consistency as soon as you begin to lớn smooth it on và it completely disappears into the skin in seconds (just the other sunscreens in the Aqua Rich line!). It’s actually very similar in texture and effect to lớn the Watery Essence — this is slightly more watery. It leaves a really soft, silky-smooth finish that is matte enough for non-oily skins, yet it doesn’t feel drying or tight at all. The gel is supposed to give the skin a light-diffusing effect, which quite frankly, I haven’t noticed, but I’m not keen on some fine shimmer slapped on the surface so that’s perfectly fine by me.

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I’ve taken to using it underneath a lot of different bases and can’t really find anything bad khổng lồ say about it whatever. (Actually, I lie: I don’t like the fruity citrus scent that this and all the other Aqua Rich sunscreens have, but it does dissipate.) It sits well beneath makeup, is super easy to wash off, & is great for daily wear around the city.

Addition: Sorry for repeating myself here, but I get countless questions about expiration or production dates on Japanese sunscreens every year. So I want to lớn just briefly touch on this again. There’re no dates printed. They aren’t needed as most are reformulated or repackaged annually! In the case of Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel, it’s a newly launched sunscreen for năm ngoái — so no worries here, unless you’re reading this 3 years from now.