Foreo Luna Mini 2 is facial cleansing device that emits T-sonic pulsations. It is fully waterproof and rechargeable, with a battery life of approximately five months for a 60-minute charge. View Latest giảm giá

Curious about the Luna Mini devices? Well you’re definitely in the right place since I’m about lớn tell you everything you need khổng lồ know about the Foreo Luna range.

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I’ve been using these devices religiously for the past 14+ months, and I can’t imagine going to bed if I haven’t cleansed my face with my Luna Mini 2. I’ll tell you how they work, who they are best for, what the differences are between the dozens of different Lunas, & whether or not they’re actually worth the money.

So, sit back và relax, put on a sheet mask and read on to lớn learn everything you need khổng lồ know about Foreo Luna Mini devices!


Easy to use Deep-cleans pores Improved skin texture Rechargeable battery Suitable for all skin types Great warranty


Not suitable for inflamed/active acne No battery life indicator Can"t be used with scrubs và exfoliators Pricey

What Is The Luna Mini?


If you’re already here I assume you know exactly what the Luna Mini is và you’re wondering if actually works và is worth the money. That info is below – this section is for people who’ve either stumbled upon the article by accident or just aren’t even sure what the device is.

Luna Mini is a cleansing device that emits T-sonic pulsations that help wash away 99.5% of oil, dirt, sweat, & dead skin cells from your face. The device has soft and gentle silicon brushes that manage to get inside your pores lớn properly clean them out & ensure there’s definitely no dirt left when you’re finished washing your face.

It’s a massive tăng cấp if you’re used to washing your face just with your hands, but it’s also a big tăng cấp if you’re using a dupe or something with nylon bristles.

Foreo started off with a Luna và a Luna Mini device, but today they have dozens of different devices in the Luna range. I’ll tell you more about those later – for now, you should know that the main focus of this reviews is the Luna Mini 2since that’s the device that I personally use.


How Does The Luna Mini Work?


To be perfectly honest, I’m still not entirely sure how those T-sonic pulsations work – I just know they bởi because I can notice the results. The silicone bristles are so tiny that you can’t miss a thể thao on your face, even if you rush the cleansing process.

All Luna devices have two sets of bristles – the tiny ones that are meant for your entire face, và the thicker ones that you’re supposed to use for T-zone. The thicker bristles are much harsher & they’re great for minimizing blackheads.


The difference between the various Luna Mini devices is in the amount và position of the thicker bristles. I’ll go into more details about the various differences in a later section, so read on if you want lớn see which Luna Mini is the best one for you.


Who Is The Luna Mini For?

The Luna Mini device can be used by both men and women. The brand actually makes different devices for men & women, & the difference isn’t just the color. Yes, the Luna for men is black, but it also has thicker và harder bristles, which are better suited for men’s skin that tends khổng lồ be harsher than women’s.

In general, the Luna Mini device can be used by everyone, including people with sensitive skin. They actually have a specific device for those of you that have really sensitive skin, with softer bristles that are less likely to irritate you or cause redness.

The device – or any other devices from the Luna range – shouldn’t be used by people with active acne. It is an exfoliating device after all, & the bristles and pulsations can only make your acne worse. So, I’m sorry khổng lồ disappoint you if you’re dealing with acne & wanted to try out the Luna – you could use it on parts of your face that are acne-free, but I advise against using any Luna device directly on inflamed spots.

What Cleanser Can You Use With Luna Devices?

You can use pretty much any cleanser except for those that are meant as scrubs or exfoliators. So anything foam or gel-based will work perfectly, just don’t use stuff that’s meant to exfoliate.

Foreo has their own facial cleanser, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t tell you from experience whether it works or not. I know that it has good reviews, but it’s one of those things that heavily depends on what your skin likes và what it’s used to.

Luna Mini Charging và Battery Life


All the devices in the Luna Mini range have a rechargeable battery. You get a USB charging cable in the box with the Luna Mini, và you can use it for all Foreo devices with rechargeable batteries. It’s a quick charging cable and it takes about an hour to lớn fully charge the Luna Mini. An hour of charging will get you up lớn five months of battery life – at least that’s what Foreo claims.

I can’t vouch for that because I’ve only been using the Mini 2 for a couple of months, and I still haven’t had lớn recharge it. The exact battery life you get from the device will depend on a few factors – how often you use it, which speed it’s set to và how long you usually cleanse your face. But months from a single charge is still really good.

One thing important to lưu ý here is that it’s not recommended khổng lồ plug the charging cable into a charging brick you use for your phone. Newer smartphone chargers output a lot of currents, and that could damage the battery of your Luna Mini.


There’s no way to kiểm tra the battery life of your device currently (I’m not sure about the Mini 3), but the device will emit a trắng LED light when it’s time lớn recharge it. So, even though you can’t know the exact percentage, you will know when it’s nearly empty.



All Foreo devices are fully waterproof & can be used in showers or baths. You don’t have lớn worry if you get water on the charging point because that won’t damage the device.

One thing you should vì chưng after every cleanse is leave the Luna Mini out to air dry. I normally place mine on a towel and forget about it, & then after a while I just turn it over to the other side. It’s not recommended to lớn use a blow drier or any other source of heat to lớn dry the device – letting it air dry is more than enough.

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What About The App?


If you’re familiar with the Foreo brand, then you know that they have an app for their devices. You can use that phầm mềm to register any Foreo device you buy, and doing that will net you a sweet discount code for their site.

Only the Luna Mini 3 actually works with the app. You can select different cleansing routines và adjust the speed throughout the app. Luna Mini and Mini 2 don’t have any extra features through the app. You can’t even kiểm tra the battery life, which is the one thing I wish they would add.

Foreo Luna Mini Vs. Luna Mini 2 Vs. Luna Mini 3


Foreo has been around for a while và there are actually three generations of their oldest products. So, what’s the difference between all the Luna Minis, và which one should you pick up?

Luna Mini is Foreo’s original device, and in a sense, it’s their worst. I’m not saying it’s bad, but rather that they’ve taken all the feedback about that device & significantly improved it in the later versions. Luna Mini doesn’t have adjustable pulsation speed, & it has the least amount of bristles.


Luna Mini 2 is my go-to device and I am in love with it. It has adjustable pulsation speed và has bristles on either side. The front side of the Luna Mini 2 has mostly soft bristles with some thicker bristles at the top, and the backside features just the thicker bristles for your T-zone. It doesn’t work with the Foreo app, since the buttons for adjusting speed are on the front of the device.

Luna Mini 3 is the latest version. It has a larger brush head, softer và longer touchpoints, and 12 adjustable intensities. It has only soft bristles on the front & only thick bristles on the back, with just an on/off button on the back. So, how vày you adjust the speed?

Well, you have to lớn use the app, & that’s a no from me. It’s exactly why I went with the Luna Mini 2 instead of the Mini 3 – the extra step of having to pick up my phone, turn on Bluetooth, go inside the app, select the Mini 3 device, tap on the cleansing feature & then choose the intensity is just a big no in my case.

I prefer physical buttons on the device because of the convenience, and I also prefer khổng lồ have thicker bristles on both sides of the Luna Mini.

Skincare và Travel


Luna Mini 2 is a great device for travel & skincare on the go. But it’s not perfect – the packaging it comes in is too bulky lớn be travel-friendly, & you can’t just throw it in your cosmetics bag because you need to lớn keep those bristles pristine.

The pros are that you don’t even have to lớn pack the charger since you can just charge it before your trip and you’re good for at least a couple of months. It’s small & lightweight so it won’t take up too much space in your bag, and it’s perfect for quick cleansing.


Now, let’s talk about Luna Fofo, Luna go, Luna play và Luna Play Plus. These are Foreo’s travel-friendly devices. They’re very small, which makes them the better option for travel, especially if you’re very limited with space in your luggage.

Luna Play is the smallest device (50 x 45mm) và it works on a AAA battery. Luna Play Plus is a bit bigger, it also works on a replaceable battery, but you can get more use out of the battery. Neither of the devices has adjustable speeds & you can’t use them with the app, so there’s that.

And unfortunately, Luna Play Plus was discounted, so it might be hard to lớn get your hands on it. But it’s the one I would recommend.

Luna Fofo works with the app & it has the ability to lớn analyze your skin. This will help you create custom routines and track skin hydration levels, which is more than you get from the bigger Luna devices. It comes with a battery that allows up to 400 uses, and you can replace it when it runs out.


Keep in mind that replacing the battery requires the tiniest screwdriver you ever saw, so you’ll probably have lớn go out và buy that. & be very careful when you’re putting the plastic place back on – I tightened the screws a bit too much on my Luna Play Plus, which caused the plastic plate lớn crack.

That means water could easily get inside, which caused the battery to leak so I had lớn replace it very often. It’s one of the reasons why I thought it was finally time to lớn upgrade.

Luna go is probably the best option if you want a travel-friendly version of the real thing. It has the same bristles as the other devices, but this one also has the Anti-Aging mode that is exclusive to Luna (not Mini) devices. It also features a rechargeable battery, which is great for travel.

Warranty và Returns

Foreo has a great warranty policy that extends to all of their rechargeable devices. You have to register your device on their tiện ích or site, and you’re covered with a two-year limited warranty. If there is any manufacturing defect during that period, you get a brand new device không lấy phí of charge.

After the two-year limited warranty expires, Foreo’s ten-year unique guarantee kicks in. Which means that if you experience any manufacturing defects after the original warranty has expired, you’ll get a 50% discount for a new device. Not bad if you ask me!

It’s important to mention that there is no warranty for the Foreo devices without a rechargeable battery (Luna Fofo, Play Plus, etc.).

Is the Luna Mini 2 Worth It?

My honest answer is yes, Luna Mini 2 is worth every single penny and I love it. But that might not be the right answer for you.

First, consider your budget. Luna Mini 2 retails for about $120, but you can get a bunch of discounts on it. There are deals on Amazon always, & there’s a code for 10% off on Foreo’s website directly. Also, when you buy any Foreo device anywhere, you can register it on the ứng dụng to receive $10 off your next purchase on their site (valid for six months).