Mascara is a must-have beauty product in every girl’s vanity.

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You can take any simple look khổng lồ another màn chơi just by coating your lashes with mascara. The mascara opens up the eyes instantly & can make you,me or any girl feel beautiful, confident and happy. This post is going to lớn be a reviews on a mascara that I personally have been waiting for a very long khổng lồ have it in my vanity & on my lashes.

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I have heard enough of positive things about Maybelline thủ đô new york Lash Sensational Mascara in YouTube but sadly Maybelline didn’t launch it India. But then probably a month back it was launched và was widely available online in India. And then as soon as I came to lớn know this, I immediately ordered it và got my hands on this mascara. Let me give you a quick & detailed nhận xét on this và convince you enough to buy this