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With well over 200 lip products in my collection, you’d think that I’d be sick & tired right? Nope. When ever I see new lip products – whether it’s a liquid lipstick, lipgloss or a bullet lipstick – I feel lượt thích a literal pouncing kitten. Before my obsession with eye palettes, lips were my big weakness và it kind of still is.

At the moment, I have loving both matte and glossy formulas but mostly in a feathered out, ‘wearable’ look so a lot of kbeauty tints have been great for this! When I was checking out Rom&nd, I found out that they actually have two different tints in their Anne of Green Gables Collection – there is the Juicy Lasting Tint & the Velvet Tint. Since I’m terrible at making decisions, I naturally wanted to lớn try them both out so I picked out two shades from each that I knew I would love. I wanted to lớn give more attention khổng lồ the finish và formula of the tint, rather than whether or not I liked the colour.

The Zero Velvet Tint (Anne of Green Gables Edition) & the Juicy Lasting Tint (Anne of Green Gables Edition) are both available on the StyleKorean website for USD$13 each – or you can also find it in the original packaging for USD$14.30 too, so don’t worry too much if you miss out on this collection.

Before you jump onto their website though, let’s get into this review!



The packaging of the Anne of Green Gables Collection is, honestly, so spot on! I love the soft peachy colours & the use of the anime illustrations – it’s a great collectible homage lớn the original material but still looks quite trendy & well designed.

The lip tints come in an opaque tube with the illustration printed on in a matching colour lớn the lip tint (or, at least, I think it is – the two that I have correspond lớn the sản phẩm shade well, but I don’t have the others to lớn compare with). Similar to the previously reviewed Zero Cushion, all of the shades have a different illustration too which makes it even more tempting khổng lồ collect them all!

There are two formulas that are available in this collection và the packaging thiết kế is almost identical. The main difference is that the Zero Velvet Tint has a soft matte finish, whilst the Juicy Lasting Tint has a smooth, glossy finish. Both are made of a sturdy plastic with a high unique print (that does not scratch off at all). The cap screws on smoothly. Another difference is that both formulas have slightly different doe foot applicators (which I will go into more below) khổng lồ suit their formulas.

Overall, I really love the packaging of these lip tints. I love that they’ve used the different plastics (matte or glossy) to differentiate between the two types – the original packaging has two very different tube designs so they needed a point of difference here. That being said, I don’t think it’s clear enough from the outside of the tube what the shades are – in that aspect, I prefer the original packaging which is either colour coded or transparent.

And now, I’ll be going into the two different finishes!


Juicy Lasting Tint (Apple Brown) | USD$13

The glossier version of the lip tint, the Juicy Lasting Tint claims to lớn create gorgeous, glossy lips with no oiliness. It comes in a range of vivid shades & also claims high colour payoff và long lasting, sharp expression. There are four shades that are available in the special packaging; Fig Fig, Jujube, Apple Brown & Litchi Coral. As is pretty obvious from the names, all of them are inspired by fruits and – from the swatches that I can see – have a soft, almost retro film vibe to them. All four of these colours are also available in the original Juicy Lasting Tint range (which contains an additional five more bright colours).

Out of the available colours though, I decided to try out Apple Brown, which is described as a cinnamon-apple brick brown (from what I can understand from the Korean). It’s a bit different from my usual shades – since I usually lean towards mauves và deep reds – but I’ve been really liking some more warm browns lately so I had a feeling that I would really lượt thích this.

The lip tint has a more standard type of doe foot applicator – it’s quite small but does a good job of getting around the edge of the lips. Colour wise, I would consider this a semi-sheer, glossy lip tint (not super vibrant like promised but very accurate khổng lồ the official lip swatches, so there’s no surprise there). It’s hydrating on the lips & can be worn either blended out (like a gradient lip) or as a full lips. The formula is quite thin, somewhere between a gel & a water tint, và leaves a slight stickiness on the lips after application – it isn’t bad actually, especially not compared with a gloss. The finish helps khổng lồ keep lips moist.

You can also wear it on đứng đầu of other more matte lip products but, since this does have a decent amount of pigment, it will affect the colour of the initial shade. I find it very comfortable on the lips though and, out of the two, I definitely reach for this more – it’s an easy lớn wear, glossy lip sản phẩm that doesn’t look too pale or frosty.

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The Juicy Lasting Tint in Apple Brown on my lips – gradient (left) or full (right)

Longevity wise, I wouldn’t necessarily điện thoại tư vấn this long-wearing. It wears fine on the lips if you’re not eating; it will fade a bit over time but isn’t drying or patchy. However, as is expected from this type of finish, it will transfer & won’t last through any food or drink. However, since it is comfortable khổng lồ wear, it’s also easy lớn reapply so I don’t mind the longevity too much.

I love the Apple Brown shade as I find it super flattering on my skin tone. It also have a sweet fruit candy scent & I’m curious khổng lồ know if they all smell different. It isn’t that noticeable once it’s on your lips but you can smell it as you apply – I like it. In the future, I also want the try one of their MLBB shades – maybe Jujube – và one of the brighter colours from the original range. For now though, I’m very happy with this and it’s become a makeup bag staple for me.


A glossy finish lip tint in four soft fruit inspired shades




THOUGHTS? I definitely enjoyed this lip tint và it will continue to be a staple in my bag. After trying this out, I’m keen khổng lồ try out some other shades of the Juicy Lasting Tint – there’s only nine so far, so I hope that they continue to lớn expand on this. This is a hàng hóa that I would recommend for someone who wants a lip gloss alternative, something lighter weight but has more punch than a lip oil.


Zero Velvet Tint (Witty) | USD$13

The other formula available in the Anne of Green Gables Collection is their semi-matte mousse lip tint – the Zero Velvet Tint. This one actually reminds me a lot of the Peripera Ink Velvets (which I used lớn love). It claims lớn blur & smudge to lớn give a moody, velvet lip, as well as having an airy lightweight texture lớn leave a fresh finish with no stickiness. The product mô tả tìm kiếm also says that it contains ‘MLBB’ shades but – in my opinion – the colour range is too rich khổng lồ be considered just MLBB!

This collection contains five different shades, whilst the original contains 11. They are: Anne Shirley (exclusive to lớn the Anne of Green Gables range), Flare, Fizz, JoyfulWitty. Although the shade range is limited, they’ve done a good job of covering bases with reds, pinks and oranges. Out of the range, I chose to lớn go with Witty, which is described as an orange-brown colour, since it’s the darkest in the range. I usually avoid oranges but, as you can see from both colours that I chose this time, I’m embracing this old love of mine.

As you can see from the photo below, the doe foot applicator for this formula is a bit different in that it has a hollow in the middle; I assume that this is to ensure smooth dispensing of the hàng hóa – và if it is, then it’s very effective. This applicator is small and sharp enough to get the corner of lips and the shape of it allows for either a bold application or gradient (by dabbing or using the other side).

Formula wise, this has a more velvety mousse-like formula. It isn’t too heavy on the lips but, in my opinion, is also not as lightweight as they would claim. The colour payoff is brilliant, the lip stain is easy to sheer or feather out too, so it suits my personal style. However, this formula doesn’t fully dry down so it’s prone lớn patchiness or transfer – especially closer lớn the inside of the lips. If you eat or drink, then you will almost definitely be left with a ring – you can reapply, but it’s unfortunate that it fades off so patchy. I also find that the lip tint clumps up around the inside of the lips too, also because it doesn’t dry down and the mousse texture tends to lớn gather.

The Zero Velvet Tint in Witty on my lips – gradient (left) or full (right)

All in all, I’m not the biggest fan of this formula. It has similar weaknesses lớn the Ink Velvets where the texture can make the lip tint clumpy. However, I feel like this one is also more prone khổng lồ transfer and fading. On the flip side though, this is a bit more hydrating on the lips but can still emphasise dry areas and cause a bit of flakiness. I feel like I would have enjoyed this formula more a year or two ago, back when I was happy lớn sacrifice a bit of comfort for a super bold lip colour, but I am more preferring more easy-wear lip tints.

Scent & colour wise, I do lượt thích the Witty shade & I think that it’s prettier in real life than in the official swatches – the colour is warmer và a bit more terracotta than what is shown. It has a very, very faint scent too. I didn’t even notice it until I tried to lớn smell it just then. It’s a bit floral I think, though it’s so light that it’s hard to lớn discern. I don’t think this would bother anyone.


A velvet mousse lip tint




THOUGHTS? I really wanted to love this! I’m a fan hâm mộ of matte và satin lip formulas & I love intense pigmentation, so I actually came into this thinking that I would love the Zero Velvet most – but unfortunately, I’m disappointed. It looks good when it’s fresh, the colour is vibrant, smooth & very easy lớn apply. However, it’s difficult to lớn work with a lip hàng hóa that doesn’t wear well. I don’t expect it to lớn be super long wearing, but I do want something that fades more flatteringly.


Personal Experiences

All in all, it’s pretty obvious that I prefer the Juicy Lasting Tint over the Zero Velvet Tint – this is actually pretty surprising because I always lean towards the more vibrant formulas. However, I just really appreciated how easy the glossier tint is lớn use throughout the day. It also left my lips feeling good too, so I was happy to lớn keep reapplying it. The velvet version seemed khổng lồ have taken all of the pitfalls of the Peripera Velvet Tint and… sort of amplified it more.

In general, I had a good time testing out the Rom&nd brand! I feel like their formulas are a bit of a hit-or-miss for me, but I really enjoy the quality and design of their packaging. I had no adverse reaction khổng lồ any of their products & I actually really lượt thích all of the shade ranges that they have. In the future, I would definitely be comfortable (and curious) lớn try out more from them.

If you’re wanting lớn pick up anything from Rom&nd, check out the StyleKorean website. In particular, jump in quick if you’re wanting the Juicy Lasting Tint or the Zero Velvet Tint in the Anne of Green Gables Collection because that one is limited edition và likely won’t be around for much longer. Otherwise, you can always kiểm tra out their original lines because it seems like most of this collection is just a repackage!

Let me know down below if you’ve tried anything out from the brand. I’d love to lớn get your recommendations!