It was just last weekend that I played host lớn relatives from overseas who wanted to cửa hàng till they dropped. I think they did because I certainly did! I think they had fun though – I had a great time staying up till late chatting to lớn one of my favorite aunts I had not seen in years.

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As we head into the weekend, here are 2 new & upcoming products to whet your appetite.

SunPlay Skin Aqua UV Face Cream và Face Gel Sunscreen


These new sunscreens by SunPlay look very promising. I was not much impressed by the previous SunPlay sunscreens that promised SPF of the hundreds. However, the new Skin Aqua UV Face Cream of SPF50 PA+++ & Skin Aqua Face Fel of SPF25 PA++ look promising, based on the ingredients.

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They contain Zinc Oxide as one of their main ingredients, which is what caught my eye most. We all know that Zinc Oxide is one of the best physical blockers for UVB and UVA so to lớn have it in a hàng hóa that’s affordable & easily accessible is promising. Nhận xét will come as I try them out. I’d like to see if the Zinc Oxide will leave a trắng cast on my skin as they did with my other sunscreen.L’oreal trắng Perfect Rosy Whitening Radiance Boosting Double Essence – RM62.90


This is a new sản phẩm debuting in May 2009. The new L’oreal Rosy Radiance Boosting Double Essence is packaged lượt thích the other double essences & contains tourmaline lớn promote whitening & a rosy look khổng lồ the skin.

This new essence feels light and has a really dễ thương pink và white color. It is supposed to lớn reduce the yellow tones of the skin và reflect a pinker rosier outlook. We need a rosy outlook in these troubled financial times don’t we? ;) I don’t know how that will work or how effective it will be, so we’ll have to see as time goes by.

What are your weekend plans?

So how was your week? bởi you have any plans for the weekend?

I’m thinking of picking up a cardigan from Zara & maybe tea with a friend or maybe even squeeze in a visit khổng lồ a friend’s baby – hopefully he’ll be in a better mood lớn see me this time instead of bawling his head off :)

Wait a min… I thought I was supposed to lớn have a more relaxing weekend?! haha…

Happy weekend and stay beautiful!

Paris B

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