I’m off again to lớn hunt the base that would cấp độ up my makeup game! If you’ve read from my blog, I was not amazed from the last foundation I tried which is Mistine’s Cover All Foundation. I honestly had high hopes from it. However, it neither gave me the look I wanted nor lived up lớn its claims. Although frustrated, I knew I had khổng lồ continue the search. Honestly, I have loved và enjoyed using cushion foundations since I was still a student. It was convenient, and I liked almost all of what I’ve tried. That made me decide khổng lồ go back lớn cushions. As I was searching, Romand was primely considered because it became a household name due to lớn its amazing lip products. Hence, I wanted lớn give its cushion foundations a try & got the NU Zero Cushion.

Romand NU Zero Cushion is made for normal lớn oily skin. It also promises lớn give a light & fresh airy matte finish with its semi-matte texture. Additionally, this cushion gives sun protection because it has SPF24 PA++. I shall be testing the following claims during this review:

Flawless skin expression without hard effort; Perfect fit on the face because it is light without feeling dry, & has silky skin expression with fine powder particle; andLong lasting foundation that gives no cakey face.

This very much exciting! Keep on reading if you want to know more about this product!

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Makeup Breakdown: ROMAND Nu Zero Cushion



The ROMAND Nu Zero Cushion is packed in a matte round plastic packaging. It comes with a decent-sized mirror. Also, it has a PAO of 12 months. Also, this sản phẩm weighs 15grams or 0.52 oz. Actually, I love that this hàng hóa feels very luxe.

To open, you have to press a clear button-like thing on its side. It clicks also when you close it so you would know that it’s closed properly. Moreover, other important details are listed like the shade, manufacturing date, và that it is made in Korea.

Its puff is different from others. Particularly, it is shaped lượt thích a teardrop khổng lồ make it easy to apply products on corners on the face lượt thích sides of the nose & under-eye area.


Photo Courtesy of Romand

According to ROMAND, this cushion has 5 shades. For pink base, it has two which are 01 Porcelain và 02 Pure. Meanwhile, there are three for neutral base – 03 Natural, 04 Beige & 05 Sand. For this review, I got the 04 Beige because I think it’s the closest lớn my tanned skin tone.


I find that the smell is quite similar khổng lồ Mistine Cover All Foundation. It smells a bit powdery, but has a hint also of sunscreen. I actually find it fragrant, but not overpowering.

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I got the ROMAND Nu Zero Cushion from Lazada at P892. It was on sale that time since it has an original price of around P1,700. I checked it upon writing and it’s priced at more than P1,000. If you’re interested with this product, make sure to check it every now và then since price varies.

This is an affiliate code. I get commission from your purchase.


According to lớn its packaging, the ROMAND Nu Zero Cushion should be applied by taking an appropriate amount on the built-in puff. Then, pat it lightly on the skin. It’s just the usual how-to when it comes lớn cushions.


ROMAND rated the Nu Zero Cushion 4 out of 5 stars for its coverage, while 5 out of 5 for long-lasting. Kiểm tra out the vlog below to see how this performed for 12 hours on the face.

Verdict:I recommend the ROMAND Nu Zero Cushion!


Flawless skin expression without hard effort

I agree! The ROMAND Nu Zero Cushion is easy khổng lồ apply. A light dab of this sản phẩm is only needed since the formula gives a flawless look. It was able khổng lồ fully cover my redness. However, it gave sheer khổng lồ medium coverage for my dark blemishes, which I believe could only be covered through the use of full coverage products & a little bit of skin correction

Perfect fit on the face

This hàng hóa feels very light on the skin even if I built up the coverage by re-applying twice on the same areas. I also agree that even though it’s light, it does not feel dry at all. It actually feels very moisturizing which I really like. Moreover, it gave a dewy finish, almost silky, that made my skin look healthy và radiant.

Long lasting foundation that gives no cakey face

This cushion foundation looked good until it was on my face on the 9th hour mark. I think that’s long enough considering that I didn’t use any primer, or mix it with powder or a mist. Also, although I sweat a lot as I’ve tried this for 12 hours, it didn’t appear cakey. It was just skin-like which I really like.

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