Asia’s number one serum just got an upgrade, and it’s an important one. While we already know that Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a hardworking anti-ageing serum that boosts skin repair while you sleep, keeping your complexion well-hydrated, radiant, supple và youthful, its improved 2020 version, the New Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex, not only delivers a new youth generating power to lớn keep the signs of ageing at bay, but also promises to work even faster – 25 per cent faster, says the brand, than before1. In fact, results can be seen with just one dropper of the new serum as it’s enriched with enhanced skin-loving properties with its new 72-hour hydration promise & 8-hour antioxidant protection to lớn keep skin strong & looking radiant and plump4.


The secret is a new skin discovery, a “youth generating molecule”. The molecule is essential to lớn how fast & how well your skin repairs itself every night. Estée Lauder uses its exclusive Chronolux™ nguồn Signal technology to stimulate the molecule, improving communication between skin cells so they work faster and harder in skin repair: creating fresh new cells2 & encouraging collagen production3. What you get is smoother, more hydrated & radiant skin.We got five women to test the New Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex for a week, và here’s what they said:
Review: 5 Women Tried Asia’s #1 Anti-Ageing Serum and They Now Understand Why It Has Such a Cult Following
Tester #1: Sheryl Ho, 23, student

Skin concerns: Redness và pigmentation, along with dryness and skin sensitivity

The review: “I exercise five khổng lồ six times a week, so I need a product that keeps up with my active lifestyle. I’ve never used Advanced Night Repair before, but I thought the bottle looked luxurious.

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The texture is great. It feels lượt thích a thick concentrated serum, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky after. My skin instantly felt more hydrated và looked radiant & plump with each use. Plus, it was suitable for my dry and sensitive skin và I didn’t have lớn worry about any redness showing because it kept my skin soothed and supple.”

Verdict: “I will definitely be using the serum for at least a month, in order khổng lồ really reap the benefits of the product! I would recommend it to my friends who are looking lớn start ageing prevention early, as the sản phẩm is suitable for all skin types. I especially lượt thích that it worked well on my sensitive skin.”

Tester #2: Nerissa Lee, 25, social truyền thông media professional / project manager

Skin concerns: Dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin that gets easily irritated by the environment (dust, pollutants, grime etc) và mask-wear. Also starting khổng lồ see pigmentation, and fine lines on the forehead & around the mouth.

Review: “I would điện thoại tư vấn myself a second-generation user of Advanced Night Repair. When I was younger, I used khổng lồ see the bottle on my mum’s dresser, và one day, out of curiosity, I put some on my face. It’s been years since my little experiment but it was nice lớn get reacquainted with it, & to see its skin repair nguồn for myself và why my mum was such a fan hâm mộ of it.

I was out extremely late one night – I only got home at 6am & that morning was the first time I’d tried the New Advanced Night Repair.

And it saved my skin. In the past, my skin would flare up và look extremely parched, but not that time. More importantly, the serum kept my skin calm – it didn’t cause it to lớn act up even during my time of the month, when my skin is at its most sensitive.”

Verdict: “An overnight skin-saver that not only keeps my sensitive skin calm và well-hydrated, but also works as a great supplement khổng lồ my skincare routine.”

Skin concerns: “Maskne” – bumps & clogged pores, fine lines around the eyes from habitual pre-bedtime rubbing, và early sagging at the cheeks due khổng lồ ageing.

Review: “My current lifestyle is ‘unhealthy’, especially in this WFH situation – no exercise, not enough water and too much junk food. The healthiest thing for me is clocking in eight hours of sleep every day.

I haven’t used this serum before, but I’ve heard good stuff about it. Someone I know swears by it và says it made a huge difference to lớn her skin. I expected the serum lớn be thick, but its gel texture didn’t feel heavy on my skin at all. Instantly, I noticed that my skin felt hydrated – my skin had been more dehydrated than usual over the past few days, so I could practically hear my skin thanking me for the serum as it lapped it up. I could see that the dehydrated patches on my cheeks looked instantly plumped, even before I applied my usual moisturiser.

I couldn’t judge its line-reducing abilities as my skin is still, thankfully, line-free. But I did observe that my skin was glowing in the mornings. In fact, for some of the nights, I applied it only to my cheeks và the area looked more radiant when I woke up.”

Verdict: “The night serum is a powerful hydrator and radiance enhancer. For the two weeks that I was testing it, my skin stayed hydrated all through the night and in the mornings, my complexion was noticeably glowier & more plumped up than usual.”

Skin concerns: Oily & dry skin, coupled with pigmentation. Also tends khổng lồ get breakouts during the “time of the month”.

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Review: “My life is busy và hectic, & even though I sleep well, drink lots of water, have regular facials và laser treatments, I still think my face needs more TLC. The New Advanced Night Repair serum has a slightly richer texture, which I didn’t mind as I found that it instantly absorbs into the skin và leaves it feeling soft and supple.

The overall result was exactly what my skin needed. Because of my combination skin type, this serum was able lớn help keep the drier areas sufficiently hydrated, yet it didn’t feel too heavy on the oilier areas.

I had initially started using the New Advanced Night Repair at night, but as I started seeing an overall improvement in my skin texture by day four, I began incorporating it into my daytime routine too. And I’m glad I did, because I love the way my skin feels every morning.”

Verdict: “It improves skin texture for a smooth & supple complexion.”

Skin concerns: Dehydrated skin with fine lines & some sagging. Và while her skin is reasonably healthy, she still worries about the lack of hydration, onset of more & deeper lines, sagging, & pigmentation.

Review: “I’ve been working from home for months now, và unless it’s very hot, I usually work without air-conditioning. This means I want a skincare sản phẩm that won’t make my skin feel tacky with the heat and humidity.

When trying the New Advanced Night Repair, I found that using a whole dropper (the recommended amount) at one go was a little too much for my face, which is on the small side. So, I decided to lớn split the amount in half, applying it in two batches, waiting a minute in between for the serum lớn fully absorb into my skin. & I felt lượt thích my skin benefited more from this method. Right away, it looked brighter and more hydrated.

Over the week, I noticed that my skin was visibly smoother – pores appeared smaller and a small zit subsided faster & left no tell-tale mark behind. My skin is also less red. In the mornings, my complexion looks much healthier – brighter, glowy and more awake.

I like that it plays well with my second serum (the New Advanced Night Repair goes first), helping my skin reap even more benefits, lượt thích hydration và healing. Plus, the texture isn’t heavy or oily, which is perfect for my non-air-con WFH environment.”

Verdict: “It helps skin get và look healthier, which in the long run, will help with the signs of ageing.”

The New Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex is available at all Estée Lauder boutiques. It is also available via the Estée Lauder Concierge Service, and these stores: Sephora, Metro, Robinsons, Lazada, Tangs, BHG, Isetan, Takashimaya D.S and OG. $130 (30ml), $175 (50ml) and $224 (75ml).

¹ – 25 per cent faster than Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II² – In vitro testing of a key active in Chronolux™ power nguồn Signal technology on 62-year-old skin cells over seven days³ – In vitro testing of Chronolux™ nguồn Signal technology actives after 72 hours4 – Clinical testing on 36 Asian women, ages 39-65