Does anyone talk about Marc Jacobs beauty anymore? I hardly see anyone talk about it these days, unlike when it was first released. Must be the new kid on the block effect. I haven’t been blown away by anything from the brand thus far, but I was recently urged to lớn take a look at the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme range of lipstick.

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So, during the last Sephora 20% off sale, this was my sole purchase.


What better time right? 😀

The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme lipsticks are a range of creamy, pigmented lipstick that are supposed lớn give you longlasting colour and moisture. They come in sleek đen packaging, with a tight magnetic cover. There is a silver ‘button’ in the thiết kế which I realised belatedly after I put up the picture above, that it was missing because it was turned the other way. Oops! 😛

But that’s not what you’re interested in right? What you really want khổng lồ know is whether this might be the start of Part 2 of Creamy Lipsticks to lớn Splurge On? 🙂

Before I get into texture, I must say I had the devil of a time trying to pick a colour. I was limited to what was available at the MJ Beauty counter at Sephora, và it was, for want of a better word, abysmal. I felt that the shades available in the Le Marc Lip Creme collection were either very dull or too deep/nude. There was no in between for some reason. Reds that I usually gravitate to lớn were not inspiring, & other shades were blah.

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, I eventually settled on 238 Je T’aime as being the best of the lot. Honestly, it too was uninspiring, và an imminently easy colour to dupe.


238 Je T’aime is a neutral raspberry-rose-red that I picked because it is a very safe shade that you can wear daily without fear of criticism. It has a fairly neutral base, và pulls a raspberry-rose shade that is really very flattering. If a little bland.

I grew to lượt thích the colour, because on me, Je T’aime is a shade I’d wear often for any occasion. You can wear this in the day without looking overdressed, & in the evenings, if you aren’t too much a fan of going all out red. It brightens the skintone & is really a good shade to lớn pick if you want a workhorse colour.

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It looks a little more coral in my swatch above, but if you scroll a little further below & see how it looks when I wear it, that’s a better approximation of the shade.

The tubehas a fairly shallow slant without being pointy nor flat. So, what you really get is a lipstick with a rounded tip and that actually means you lack precision. So often, I find myself going out of line when swiping this lipstick on, simply because I don’t get the ‘edge’ right. I prefer my lipsticks lớn have that little more precision to lớn the bullet, because it helps me get a more precise lip – important when working with bold colours.

But what about texture?

From the swatch, you may notice how it looks a little dry. It is creamy, but dry. Not as dry nor drying as the NARS Audacious lipsticks, but they go on me semi-matte. When I wear these, I get no hint of shine at all on my lips. However, online swatches all show the Le Marc Lip Cremes showing a bit of shine. I’m not sure where their shine is coming from, but for me, this goes on just like a NARS Audacious lip colour – semi-matte with intense colour.

And that’s what this Le Marc Lip Cremes have going for them – beautiful intensity of colour… if you can find a shade you like. Much lớn my surprise, despite the semi-matte texture, I found that these weren’t drying at all when worn. There is no strong scent, & it glides on lips very smoothly, leaving in its wake a beautiful, intense, creamy colour that is opaque in 1 swipe. You don’t even need lớn double back… unless you screw up your lip line as I often do. Darn these blunt lipsticks!

The other thing I love is how longlasting they are. Now, I don’t go all out to find longlasting lipsticks. I don’t really care, but this one surprised me at how well it stays put, & importantly, fades when I wear it. Even after greasy lunches, I get a fairly even fade-off colour, that doesn’t leave me looking lượt thích a misplaced clown. It doesn’t dry on lips to lớn a kiss-proof transfer, but even when it does transfer (onto glasses, not lips) whatever remains still looks pretty good. So that impresses me.

When I wear this lipstick, here’s how it looks. Note that I don’t get a shine the way others do, but just LOOK at that intensity of colour!


This is with just 1 swipe of the bullet straight on my lips. It’s smooth, doesn’t dry out my lips, isn’t particularly moisturising, but incredibly long lasting even after drinking & eating.

But does it make it khổng lồ my danh mục of creamy lipsticks worth splurging on?

I’m going khổng lồ say no. I’m glad I picked one up khổng lồ try, và at a 20% discount, it was worth trying. But for me, one is enough. I can’t fosee myself picking up anymore và that is more to vị with the shade selection than the texture. So, wait for the next Sephora sale before you splurge 😉


The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme lipsticks are semi-matte, creamy lipsticks that have a beautiful intensity of colour that is opaque in one swipe. It applies very smoothly, và is very long lasting on lips without being drying. However, I find that the blunt bullet doesn’t offer a precise lip line, & I find the shade selection uninspiring. That said, I like the shade I picked 238 Je T’aime, & if you’re in the market for something that wears comfortably & lasts & lasts… and lasts. Take a look at these, preferably when they go on sale.

PROS:Strong và intense colour goes on opaque in 1 swipe of the bullet, Lightweight, Long lasting, Not drying, No discernible scent, Sleek packaging

CONS: Uninspiring shade selection, Lipstick bullet is too blunt so it doesn’t offer a good precise line khổng lồ the lips, Pricey so get them on sale

WHO WILL lượt thích THIS: Anyone who likes semi-matte textured lipsticks, Anyone who wants an intense coloured, non drying, longlasting lipstick

PRICE: RM110 | US$30

AVAILABILITY: Sephora stores online

Do you own any MJ Le Marc Lip Cremes? vị you have a favourite colour?

I’ve been wearing these a lot, which belie my rather wishy-washy review of them. They are pretty decent lipsticks, just not really that spectacular. That said, for something longlasting, you really could vì chưng worse. Most of them dry out your lips lớn a husk. These don’t and for that, they are worth taking a look at … if you find a colour you like, và it’s on sale 😉

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