Hi! From this post"s title, it is finally official. I have decided that my lucid intervals will not be confined to lớn beauty posts or makeup related. This time, I will be sharing with all of you my new passion in life - motherhood. I never thought I would love this new role ham much. Years ago, I shun the thought of having children because I was a self centered young adult whose primary aim in life is to enjoy and make money. Little did I know that motherhood will bring me to lớn such stage in my life where my heart is filled with so much love và joy despite not having a lot of sleep, gaining weight, looking haggard, and other brow raising moments và unexpected dramas I could ever experience. It was a rollercoster ride for new mommy lượt thích me & I LOVE IT!
For my first every Mommy Lucid Intervals post, I decided to lớn feature that has helped me a lot in my breastfeeding journey - Spectra 9 plus double electric breast pump. I spent countless days và nights reading đánh giá on breastpumps when I was pregnant. My husband would always tell me ano tía yan puro gastos nasa isip mo! (Hehe) I wanted lớn be sure of the pump that I will purchase because pumps are expensive!! I have two brands in mind but I finally settled with Spectra. I bought mine at one of my favorite baby stores - www.babymama.ph They have an online store & a physical store in ortigas a newly opened branch in Taguig.

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PortableRechargeable batteryLCD lit screen with timerUsage up to lớn 12x a day (upgraded models)Letdown/massage mode và expression modeAdjustable suction strength; as you increase the suction, the speed will slow down.Quiet motorClosed system (backflow preventor prevents backflow of liquid which causes mold)
I chose 9plus because it is lightweight and portable. At first, I really thought that it is not sturdy because it has that "plastic feel". I have this weird notion that the heavier the product, the better its quality. I was wrong. Its weight và compact form is one of its best feature. This easily fits in my office bag. It has 2 modes massage & expression mkde with adjustable suction strengths. For massage, the highest suction is at 5 while for expression, the highest suction is at 10. It also has a timer where you can see the amount of time you have been pumping. I got the old model which can only be use for 6x a day. The newer moder can be used for 12 x a day!!!!! I can easily switch from single pump lớn double pumping with ease. During those days when I still have a lot of milk, I can pump 8-9 oz within 5-10 minutes! Yes! Ganon kabilis! The suction strength of this pump is strong & gentle at the same time. It can drain my breasts within that short amount of time. Spectra has a close system which prevents breastmilk from going to lớn the motor. This makes this pump hygienic. It is rechargeable & has a fast charger. The battery can last up 1 50% day. This pump automatically turns off after 30 minutes of use.This pump has a quiet motor.
This pump has been my partner in my breastfeeding journey. I bring it everywhere! This is really perfect for moms on the go. After 8 months of use, I can say that I am very satisfied with this pump. I can give a scor of 10/10.

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The old model is not for heavy duty use. I can only use it for a max of 6x per day. The new version can be use up lớn 12 x a day. There are times that it takes a minute before the suction actually starts. I have to readjust the parts và the position to lớn make it work. The screw cap is a bit loose now và I think I need to lớn get a new flange & bottle.

Looks complicated eh? Actually, it is very easy lớn assemble! I even did not read the manual when I first use the pump. Make sure to lớn put all the parts correctly or else it will not work.