The hàng hóa I’d lượt thích to introduce today is Shiseido The Collagen, which is becoming quite popular as a collagen hàng hóa that boosts your health & beauty.

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The full name is The Collagen Kobikatsu Collagen Powder V. Lượt thích the name Kobikatsu (“high beauty life”) suggests, this hàng hóa contains Shiseido’s patented beautifying ingredients (cowberry & amla fruit extracts) and hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin C. This product contains 5,000mg of easily digestible low molecular weight fish collagen. Funnily enough, it also includes konjac. So, it might help with keeping you in good condition as well!

This powder has less of the distinct flavor & smell of collagen, so you can add it to lớn food and drinks without worrying about ruining the flavor… or so it says! I decided to kiểm tra if Shiseido’s claim is true by adding The Collagen powder to lớn a few of my favorite foods.

Packaging of Shiseido The Collagen


It’s packaged in an easy to use zip-lock bag. Make sure to lớn close it securely lớn keep moisture out!

There’s also a spoon included. This was a big help. It has a flat bottom so it’s very easy khổng lồ use. One level spoonful (around 6g) a day is OK.


When I opened the bag I noticed it was filled about halfway.

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OK, now for the main event! Let’s eat!

Mixing Shiseido The Collagen with various foods và drinks!

Yogurt 70g


It turned out a bit lumpy. I’m not sure if I didn’t set well enough or I should have used more yogurt. The yogurt seemed khổng lồ turn a bit yellow. It could be my imagination but I feel lượt thích the flavor changed as well…

Soda water


It didn’t dissolve properly!! It got pretty cloudy, and while the flavor wasn’t so bad it was undrinkable, it was still pretty bad! I’ll consider soda water a failure!

Oikos Strawberry 110g

This is a yogurt, so it blended well. There was a bit of collagen stuck khổng lồ the spoon when I took my first mouthful, which tasted terrible. Make sure you mix it properly! phối it well và it will be fine.


It dissolved quickly once I stirred it, but there was a faint smell that lingered through the whole cup. It could be because I make my coffee very weak?

Miso Soup

It dissolved as soon as I stirred it but the soup became bit cloudy. While it tasted like regular miso soup, there was a faint taste of collagen at the end. Maybe some of the collagen settled on the bottom?


I tried adding Shiseido The Collagen powder to lớn my favorite banana and strawberry. I thought it would set well in the blender, & it did!

The taste và smell was OK at the beginning, but like the miso soup I did start to notice it more at the end. That said, maybe it’s because I was going out of my way lớn look for it.

I have a feeling that if you’re not overly conscious of it you won’t notice it.

Give the Shiseido collagen a try!

To wrap up, I can’t say that there’s no scent or taste at all. But just like it says in the hàng hóa description, the scent and taste of collagen have been reduced. I generally prefer weak flavors so I think that made me notice it more. I think it might be better if you take Shiseido The Collagen with slightly stronger flavored foods, or set it with a little extra yogurt, for example. & don’t forget to mix it in well!

My skin is in good shape, so it really works! Definitely!! Oh! I’ve also been in very good condition. It must be thanks to the added konjac!?

More details on SHISEIDO The Collagen Powder here


This is my pet dog… He’s actually the reason why I started taking collagen.

A few years ago I changed his dog food, and soon after I noticed that he seemed full of energy và his coat was really shiny. I was curious about why so I checked out the package & realized what the difference was! It contained 3,000mg of collagen! I was shocked!! I started taking collagen myself after that. My dog is 14 years old now & is still shiny and full of energy!

By the way, I reviewed another collagen: the Asahi Perfect Asta Premier Rich Collagen! vị give it a read for comparison!