Cleansing is the first step in our daily beauty routine, hence it’s important that we get it right to set the best foundation for the rest of our skincare products. And when it comes to cleansing, one leading beauty tech brand comes khổng lồ mind: FOREO! The brand has welcomed theLUNA 3 plus, its latest thermal-facial cleansing device that aims khổng lồ take our cleansing routine lớn the next màn chơi by also treating fine lines & wrinkles. How does this device work? Did this help us khổng lồ achieve clean và plump-looking skin?


Left - The FOREO LUNA 3 plus for normal skin. Right - The FOREO LUNA 3 plus for sensitive skin.

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With these questions in mind, Program Manager Roanna Tan và Features Writer Sheryl Tng decided to give the LUNA 3 plus a go, with Roanna opting for the LUNA 3 plus for normal skin (pink) and Sheryl trying out the LUNA 3 plus for sensitive skin (lilac). Read on for their review.

*The products were sent as a press gift. The views và opinions of the reviewers are independent và purely editorial.

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Review: FOREO LUNA 3 plus for normal skin

Roanna, Program Manager


The FOREO LUNA 3 plus for users with normal skin types comes in pink.

“Reducing the visibility of pores has always been my biggest skin goal,” revealed Roanna, who has sensitive and combination skin. As a tín đồ of FOREO và other skincare devices, she prefers silicone bristles compared lớn regular, brush-like bristles as the former feels “less harsh” & are less likely to trigger her sensitive skin. Indeed, the FOREO LUNA 3 plus boasts gentle bristles that are not only effective in giving skin a deep, thorough cleanse but are also easy khổng lồ clean và maintain as well.

But aside from that, Roanna was most excited to try out the device"s thermo-tech và T-sonic pulsations features. “I think they’ll help with removing the gunk & keratotic plugs from my skin,” she explained. She also hoped that its target microcurrent function will help lớn firm & plump up her skin.


“I get fewer breakouts as my pores are constantly given a deep, thorough cleanse,” gushed Roanna.

“I use the FOREO LUNA 3 plus every other day for a deep, thorough cleanse. For anti-ageing, I use the back part of the tool with the targeted microcurrent function with my serum every night before bed,” said Roanna, who observed that her skin had become “softer & smoother” after using it for two weeks.“I felt that my skin texture has improved too. I get fewer breakouts as my pores are constantly given a deep thorough cleanse and my skin feels smoother to the touch as well,” she added.

Roanna also revealed that she had experienced a “tingling sensation” when using the device’s target microcurrent function. That said, she found it “bearable” and thought it felt similar khổng lồ the FOREO Bear, the brand’s facial toning device. While this is part of the device’s functions in helping its user attain a firmer and more contoured appearance, the brand has also advised its users lớn ensure their device is “completely dry for safe và effective use” before activating its microcurrent mode. Don’t miss out on this step!