I"ve been busy lately và haven"t had the time to lớn update my blog. I"m so sorry for that. It"s for professional reasons, though, so I hope you guys can understand. I have a lot going on in my mind right now but I still had the chance khổng lồ look at my statistics and saw you guys still visit my website often! I"m happy and felt I owe you more! The most updated truyền thông I have right now is my Instagram
meowchien_ so if you like to follow me there so we can connect, that"ll be awesome. So let"s go lớn the đánh giá I"ve been wanting lớn post since forever. This hàng hóa is often in my "on the way" packages because I order it so often whenever I ran out. For today"s entry, we"re reviewing The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Oil.

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What is it?

The toàn thân Shop says:

"Battle blemishes with our iconic Tea Tree Oil. We sustainably steam-distill our tea tree leaves within 12 hours of harvest, so we can bottle our purest, most potent oil. With its powerful, purifying properties, our Tea Tree Oil is great for quick application to help reduce blemishes.

Features và Benefits:

100% veganEnriched with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from KenyaOur 20ml bottle is packed with the oil of 15,000 tea tree leavesSuitable for blemished skin.

After toning, apply directly to lớn areas of concern.Use fingertips or a cotton bud & gently pat the skin.For best results, prep your skin with the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash và Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner.
PackagingThe tea tree oil is inside an amber deep green colored plastic bottle which comes in 10ml và 20ml sizes. The cap is quite secure which prevents spillage in case you want khổng lồ lug this inside your bag. The tip of the bottle is narrow so it only dispenses just enough product for every application.

Contrary lớn its name, The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Oil is in a more liquid khung so it"s very runny. My mom says the tea tree oil smells like a mint herb and she doesn"t like it much, but for me (who loves mint), it simply smells refreshing. I don"t mind it when I apply it to lớn my face. I normally use it as a spot treatment after The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Facial wash and toner. I apply it using my fingers & it spreads easily. The oil is also fully absorbed by my skin. It doesn"t leave any sticky feeling at all.

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The tea tree oil treats my pimple by gently drying them out. I make sure to apply it a few times within the day. The bump and redness go away after just one night. For severe cases, it takes a maximum of 3 days. But lớn put it simply, it does the job.
I"ve been using tea tree oil for more than a year already và I"m satisfied with the product. I also repurchased the toner and facial wash from the travel set and I love the result! Kindly let me know if you want another review with the full set.

P495 for 10ml & P695 for 20ml. I always have this in my Shopee cart so I can easily be notified in case of a sale.What I loveThe best pimple spot treatmentA little goes a long wayNon-stickyCost-effectiveDries out pimplesDoesn"t leave dark spots100% veganDoesn"t stingSuitable for blemished skin.What I don"tNothing I can mentionTIPS
I treat this oil as my serum & I only use my fingers for the application!Will I repurchase?I buy this a lot, especially when it"s on sale! It was definitely worth the buy since its effects are really apparent.Overall~If you have pimples, I"ll highly recommend this product to you. Tea tree oil is a strong astringent & for my skin, it"s the best ingredient for acne control. Although the price may be high, it"s a good investment since a little goes a long way. With The body toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Oil, your breakouts will subside in no time! This is one of my favorite skincare products và would repurchase it again.
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